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Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:53 pm   Post subject: enable quiz review

How do I enable quiz review after learner has taken the test (without existing the screen)?

I know there was the option in Quizmaker 6 under quiz properties in the settings, however I cannot find this option for the life of me in Quizmaker 7. I have also seen this feature enabled in the Quizmaker 7 demos.

I have enabled the quiz review and show correct answers on the result slide. Yet, the review button does not show on the quiz.

Thank you.

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Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:51 am   Post subject: Re: enable quiz review

Hello, Andrea!
Thank you for your post!
It seems you have changed the number of attempts to take the quiz that's why you cannot review the results. Please have a look at how this scheme works:
1. If a user passes a quiz, the review button will always appear.
2. To avoid users cheating if a user fails a quiz and has to take it one more time, the Review button will be replaced with the Retake button, so that a user cannot see the right answers. But if you enable the option "to take a quiz just once", the Review button will appear in both cases (if a user fails and passes a quiz).
I hope my answer was helpful.

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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:29 am   Post subject: Re: enable quiz review

Hi Lena,

I can definitely see the thinking behind your response as cheating is certainly no way to learn.

However, I think there is definitely a need to have the ability to have a quiz setting where you can fail and then be able to review what you got wrong (with detailed feedback to promote understanding), and then be able to re-attempt the quiz. For instance, in our LMS you cannot attempt Module 2 without passing Quiz 1, so therefore it gets a bit tricky if a user can't review what they got wrong in order to allow for multiple attempts.

As you have said the only way to get detailed feedback from failing a Quiz is to set the attempts to 'just one'. This means we have to chose between giving the user the ability to attempt a quiz multiple times (a necessity) or to give detailed feedback.

Your thinking outlined below is certainly correct for what I would call an Exam (or a final test of competency), but not for what I would call a Quiz which we use not only as a test of knowledge, but also as an opportunity to extend learning through detailed feedback per each response.

I think iSpring should give developers the flexibility to make their own decision whether to give a student who fails a quiz/exam detailed feedback/review or not, depending on the learning environment. I know that for us it would help make our courses less confusing.

Thank you

Tim Whitehouse

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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:35 pm   Post subject: Re: enable quiz review

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your post!
The think is that graded quizzes are graded, and the main goal is to check how good users have learnt the material.

If you want to let users know what they did incorrectly, add a wide explanation the feedback form or add an info slide with branching after each question.
This way users can get acknowledged of what was done incorrectly, minimize the feedback message and compare with what they answered.

And if the quiz is failed, they will be able to re-take it with the feedback in mind.

Hope you find this option helpful!

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Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:02 am   Post subject: Re: enable quiz review

Hi Vladamir,

Thanks for the detailed response.

From what I can tell the only way to get the detailed feedback below is to set the attempts to 'just once'. So if a user fails the Quiz when it is set to 'just once' they will be able to see what they got wrong, what they got right and any feedback I have entered per question or answer.

As the Quiz is set to 'just one' the user cannot re-attempt the Quiz and so now is stuck. They cannot unlock the next Module as this Quiz is not reporting to the LMS that it is complete. The only way forward for be to exit the SCORM entirely and then re-enter which is a real hassle.

Ideally the user could attempt the Quiz again straight away, after failing it and getting detailed feedback, as long as the Quiz is set to do this.

I hope that all makes sense.


Tim W

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Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:46 am   Post subject: Re: enable quiz review

Hi Vladamir,

Continuing on the thread; can you please explain to me the function of checkbox "Restart failed quiz when revisiting" as seen in the link here?

I have tried exporting a quiz in a multitude of ways and I can't seem to figure out how it works.



Tim W

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Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 4:19 pm   Post subject: Re: enable quiz review

Just to second Tim's request here - in order to be able to use QuizMaker I need to allow students to take unlimited tests and get feedback if they fail.

I am helping them prepare for a multiple choice exam and preparation for this involves repeating practice tests on the same topic. As it's all done at home, and not in test circumstances, I need them to be able to repeat tests, with feedback, as many times as they like.

Given the functionality exists, it seems a bit mad that you don't offer every combination to educators - after all, it's for us to create the learning environment, for you to provide the tools!

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