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Kevin Siegel

Author, Publisher, Trainer, Speaker, Technical Commuicator
Cincinnati, OH. USA
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Joined: 09 Sep 2021
I'm a Certified Master Trainer (CMT), Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), and Certified Online Training Professional (COTP).

Following an awesome tour of duty with the U.S. Coast Guard, I spent a few decades as a technical communicator, classroom and online trainer, eLearning developer, publisher, and conference keynote speaker.

I founded IconLogic, Inc., in the early 1990s and I've written hundreds of books for adult learners. Some of my best-selling books include “iSpring: The Essentials,” “Adobe Captivate: The Essentials,” “Articulate Storyline: The Essentials,” and “TechSmith Camtasia: The Essentials.”


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