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"Advanced Sales Training" by Roy O'Neil

Programme Content

The Advanced Sales Programme consists of the following modules

  • Selling Process and Sales Strategy – Part 1
  • Selling Process and Sales Strategy – Part 2
  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Planning and Executing a Sales Meeting
  • The Sales Conversation – Winning the Business
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  • Hi Roy O'Neil ,

    Thank you so much for submitting such a meaningful and comprehensive course!

    iSpringers, please support Roy in the Championship and vote his work! It’s really worth it👍

  • Roy O'Neil ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “Overall, I found the course to be engaging, but I felt that it could benefit from some improvements in design and structure to better support the learning experience.

    One of the strengths of the course was the use of video. I found the videos to be well-produced and informative. However, I felt that the course would have been more effective if it had included some context and setup information to frame what was coming next. This would have helped me better understand the purpose of each section of the course and how the information would be relevant to me.

    I also appreciated that the course included a workbook, but I found it difficult to access. It would have been helpful if the workbook could have been made available as a downloadable resource in the "Resources" tab of the player. This would have made it easier for me to access the workbook and follow along with the course.

    One area where the course could use improvement is the slide backgrounds. The backgrounds were busy and distracting, which made it difficult to focus on the content. I suggest using a solid or more simple background for future versions to improve the learning experience.

    Additionally, the course relied heavily on text-based bullet lists. While these are a useful tool, using some alternative options, such as infographics or interactive activities, could help to improve the learning experience.

    On a positive note, I appreciated that the course included a menu to aid with navigation. This made it easy to jump between sections of the course. I also enjoyed the exercises included in the course, which allowed me to apply the learning in a practical way.

    One area where the course could improve is in the use of graphics. The graphics were distracting and not consistent in style, making it difficult to understand their purpose. I suggest using graphics that are more focused on supporting the learning points.

    Finally, I thought that the interactive chart was a nice design choice. It was engaging and helped to illustrate the concepts being discussed.

    Overall, the course has some good content, and with a few relatively simple updates to the design, it could be a really nice learning opportunity."

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    • Kseniya Bright

  • Hi Mike, Thanks for your review, I will bear in mind your advice as I develop the remaining modules, particularly about a simplified standard back ground - although I try to make the background relevant to the point I am trying to make. As far as the workbook is concerned, it will be available as a downloadable resource with the published version for each module of the programme. My reason for not including it in the competition was to protect my material as people in the community reviewing the programme would also have been able to download (I guess?), there is a lot of work in it and I did not want it copied. 



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