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Randomize Questions (Pool of Questions) in the new Online Quiz


The April update brought us the Online Quiz which is so slick and shows a modern UI for knowledge-checking. We absolutely love it. It will speed up greatly the process of creating a complete course (ADDIE), as now you can seamlessly tackle the Evaluation phase.


The problem

Similar to how you can randomize the order of questions in a quiz, or randomize order of answer options in a question, there is no option to randomly pick a number of questions from the total created.

Courses that tackle complex products, integrations, development, administration, ... have many questions that can test the knowledge of the learner. In order to be efficient, let's imagine there are a total of 40 questions, but the goal is to show 20 random ones.


The solution

Implement a mechanism similar to the existing ones (randomize order of questions or randomize order of answers) to randomly show a subset of questions from the total created ( such a flag could indicate and allow the trainer to select how many of the total they would like to display).

This could lead to a further discussion point: multiple pools of questions.


Community Call to Action

If you have encountered such scenario and would like to have this feature implemented in iSpring Learn, please upvote this product idea.

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  • Hi Raul,

    Thank you for your suggestion!

    You can find this feature in iSpring QuizMaker, which is a part of iSpring Suite. Using iSpring QuizMaker, you can create an unlimited number of questions, divide them into groups and then set up random selection. Just in case, here is an article with instructions on how to set this up in iSpring QuizMaker:

    It is a great idea to apply this feature to online quizzes in iSpring Learn LMS, and I will definitely pass this on to our developers for consideration!

    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us again!

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