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Video's of scorm don't show on mobile device

Hi, we created a few scorm files with iSpring Suite (Converted existing PowerPoint presentations).
We uploaded these scorm files to our LMS-system that has a desktop and a mobile app version. On the desktop version the video's of the scorm file are showing up correctly, but on our mobile LMS app the video's won't start. All we can see is a striked through play icon.

The vendor of our LMS system says that the scorm files that were converted with iSpring produce URL's that contain backslashes and that would be causing the problem that the video's can't be reached.

How can we make sure that the URL's to the content in our scorms are generated in a regular way with forward slash URL's?

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  • Hello Danny,

    Thank you for your question!

    To better understand the issue and to troubleshoot it we need to take a look at the project. Is it possible to send it to us? 

    You can send us the original project and published project  to

    Looking forward to your presentation!

      • Danny
      • Danny
      • 3 mths ago
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      Catherine Tate  Hi Catherine, 
      I've got one update on this issue:
      It seems that only iOS devices can't handle URL's with backslashes  (that make calls to video's and images).
      I've tested the same scorm on an Android device and the video's are running perfectly fine in the Android LMS-app.

      Kind regards,

  • Same here... I created scorm presentations with slides and videos. From desktop, videos start automatically, while from smartphones they do not start. Neither iOS nor android. The videos are loaded directly into the powerpoint file (no youtube, vimeo, etc.). As suggested by you, to prevent the user from interfering with the video controls, a transparent shape has been placed in the foreground, so it is not possible to start the video manually

  • Hello Giovanni , thank you for your question. 

    I'm afraid that your question is a little bit different from Danny issue.

    In your case the video is not played automatically because most mobile devices, including Apple iPhones, Apple iPads and many Android and Microsoft devices do not support the video autoplay feature. Your video will not play automatically if a visitor is on one of these devices.

    Hope this answers your question. 

  • Hi Danny and Catherine Tate , I have the same problem on iOS with Safari and Firefox and on Android devices with Google Chrome

    • Hi Giovanni ,

      Please send us your project to so we can test it on our end.  And also add the screenshots of how it looks on your end. 

      Looking forward to your presentation!

  • Hello:

    I have the same issue as Giovanni Giovanni - and I see the reason why posted by Catherine Tate .

     There are apps that allow you to set whether videos auto play.  So it doesn't seem like it would apply to all videos on mobile devices.  Is it the browser?  I wondered if  ISpring is looking at a way to work around or fix this?

    For now I will have to add an explanation slide stating "if you are on a mobile device, videos will need to be manually played". 

    For an elearning course, we rely on features such as auto play in certain areas of a course.  This definitely takes away from the auto play and then the video will be out of sync with the separate narration.  

  • And just like that, I believe I found the solution to scorm video not auto playing on mobile devices.

    In my situation of video not playing in scorm on mobile, I have an audio file synced to the video file.

    I found a suggestion on internet to set the video to play first, at zero seconds, then time the audio to play slightly later.  I set it to start at .2 seconds.  

    The video animation was set to Start After Previous.

    This worked.  When the slide appears, it first shows as stopped but then immediately auto plays.

  • Hi Robbi,

    Thank you for letting us know! This is a great workaround for cases similar to yours. We will take a note of it!

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here or send us an email to

    Thanks again and stay safe!

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