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iSpring Presenter Published Images Not Appearing in Chrome

Recently, my published HTML5 files created in Powerpoint and exporting using iSpring Presenter are missing images in Chrome. The presentation has letter tiles which when clicked on, play the sound of the letter name. I have made several versions that have always worked but recently it no longer works in Chrome (I did update iSpring recently, maybe connected to the update?). It does seem to work okay in Microsoft Edge. Any ideas to solve this?

Here is the uploaded presentation on my website:

Thank you for any help.

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  • I should clarify, all of the tiles are there but not the letters on them, save for a few (as you can see in the picture above, I and J are there).

  • Hi Jeremy,

    I looked at your course, and I can see all the letters. Please see the screenshot attached. They all work fine. (I viewed the course in Chrome.)

    Go ahead and try clearing the cache and cookies and updating your browser.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Hi Mira, thank you! It works for me now but I wonder why the browser needs to be cleared? My colleagues have experienced the same issue. Is this common? I share this course with many learners so would like it to work with all without them having to clear their cache etc. Any ideas?

      • Joseph
      • Joseph
      • 3 mths ago
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      Jeremy Wilson My standing instructions to people when they are looking at the same content from iSpring more than once, is to open it in a Incognito window or flush cache first.  There is def an issue with the product around it 'hanging' and stuff like what you see for yourself.

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    • Joseph Thank you Joseph. I will keep this in mind and hope for an update which resolves this issue.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for your reply! It is not an iSpring issue, it is related to your browser. Sometimes pages don't work correctly because of the cached data, and clearing it solves the issue. Or you can just open the course in a different browser.

    I hope this answers your question!

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