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How To Make an Online Quiz in iSpring Suite in 6 Steps

A quiz is one of the greatest ways to check how well learners acquired and retained new knowledge. iSpring Suite allows you to create quizzes in no time and customize them according to your needs.

Before building your quiz, ask yourself these questions about your learners:

  • Do they have experience with online learning?

  • What is their level of computer literacy?

  • Will they take your quiz on computers or mobile devices?

  • Do any of the learners have visual or hearing impairments?

  • What types of questions are most relevant to the audience?

The answers to these questions will help you create the most effective quizzes for your audience. Once you have them, follow these steps:

Step 1. Define the type of quiz

Is it a reinforcement quiz or an assessment quiz? What do you want it to achieve?

Step 2. Choose the question types

iSpring Suite offers 14 types of questions: from standard multiple-choice and true or false to interactive hot spots, drag-and-drop, and others. Choose the ones that will work best for your content. Remember to follow the “30/40/30” rule:


Step 3. Make good questions

Check out some tips:

  • Make the questions simple and clear.

  • Avoid using negatives in your questions and answers.

  • Don’t use imprecise descriptors like “approximately,” “any,” “at least,” etc. Vague questions result in inexact answers.

  • Begin open-ended questions with the words “what,” “how much,” “when,” “how,” and “why.”

  • Avoid unnecessary hints that allow the learner to deduce the correct answer from the context.

Step 4. Work out answer options

Include good distractors for each question that will confuse learners and make your quiz more challenging.

Step 5. Decide on quiz properties

Again, what is the goal of your quiz? Depending on the goal, customize quiz properties, such as scoring, time limits, and the number of attempts allowed.

Step 6. Add voice-overs and enhance the questions’ design 

Taking a graded quiz can be stressful. To help your learners, make quizzes more engaging by adding voice-overs, sounds, and setting colors, fonts, etc.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you want to learn more about each step, check our article on how to make an online quiz. If you’ve developed some cool quizzes, feel free to share them here with fellow iSpringers! :)

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