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A Roman Mystery: An Immersive Latin Game to help prepare for the National Latin Exam

My course is a bit of a different way to use iSpring. It is an interactive mystery adventure designed for use for any type of Latin classrooms: live, blended, virtual, home-schooled, etc. It is not designed to be a first introduction of the material, but a guided support that provides important review and high interest extension. Almost all Latin teachers participate in the National Latin Exam (NLE) which has a very specific syllabus for each level.

This course and subsequent episodes are designed to provide practice and support in all aspects of the syllabus. In addition to having interwoven games that provide review as well as practice with syllabus elements (in the case of this game, Latin numbers, Roman numerals, and verb forms in the present and imperfect tenses), it also showcases many different elements of the iSpring Suite in a variety of ways:


  • uses interactions to provide a spoken Latin component (very popular in the field), which also allows for a degree of role playing, decision-making, and interaction with Romans from different walks of life which help with language skills and a sense of immersion in the mystery
  • uses interactive features to allow students to explore maps of Rome, learning about points famous and less well known
  • uses quiz features in a creative way, such as multiple choice review with the explication of myths and history associated with the city of Rome and matchings involving authentic Roman dice; feedback is used to help guide students towards correct answers

The course can be found at:

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    • Katy L.
    • Katy_l
    • 4 mths ago
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    Amazing work. Thank you for sharing it!

    • Katy L.  thanks so much!  I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a slog for non Latin folks!

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  • Hi Welby,

    Thank you for sharing such a great game with the Community!

    iSpringers, thist is a really amazing work you should vote for👍😉 Please, do it and support Welby in the competition🙂

    • Kseniya Bright  Thank you so much for all your help getting me straightened out!  I really appreciate it!

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    • Welby Griffin I was glad to help you with your issue! If any questions come up, don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to assist you🙂

  • I really liked the dice game! And the design and background sound really fits the topic well!

    • Tomas Blazauskas thanks!  I used pictures I had taken of actual Roman dice and used PowerPoint to make animated GIF’s for each throw. I was pretty proud of that game. 

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    • Mark
    • Training Specialist
    • Mark_Cerasaro
    • 3 mths ago
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    Igitur! Ego hac exercitatione fruor!
    • Mark Eugapae!  

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