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Does your eLearning have a human touch?

One of the biggest challenges in eLearning is the absence of a trainer, which can lead to missing the so-called human touch. 5-10 years ago we would have had this question: how can we engage our learners if we are not in a classroom, if we don’t see them and they don’t see us? :)

But now, with all the technology that is available, we should not be worried about NOT providing truly engaging content. There are so many ways that allow us to interact with the content that the absence of a trainer doesn’t seem like such a big issue anymore.

Here are some ideas for you to consider if you want to humanize your eLearning:

  1. To make your learners feel as though they are watching a live lecture, you can use video and audio narration.

  2. Screencasts–another great feature–can capture your activity on the screen instead of offering a static text.

  3. Interactions: diagrams, timelines, media cards and more.

  4. Interactive types of questions, such as drag-and-drop, hot spot, type in–all of these require action taken from your learners and keep them alert.

  5. Gamification–this can include the question types that I mentioned above, as well as the timer, points, change in a character’s emotion, depending on the action taken, and so on. With quizzes, you can create minigames, flashcards, and other types of great content.

  6. Feedback messages in a course are VERY important and serve the idea of humanized training just perfectly.

If you have some more ideas on humanizing eLearning, you can share them in the comment section below! ;)

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