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Issue with publish

Hello,last month when I convert pptx to scroom in first time take too long but after that we publish that pptx again is very fast (use Temp folder for rendered videos)

But now when I pubish in serveral time is take long as first time 

I change version Ispring and even powerpoint but It doesn,t effect 

How can I use Temp folder to publish fast ?

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  • Hello Mostafa, 

    Thank you for your question! 

    If your presentation contains videos, it can take some time to publish, because videos need to be converted. For the second attempt, videos are already converted, and the publishing process can go faster. 

    I am afraid there are no ways to speed up the publishing process when the course is being published for the first time, at least we are not aware of any. I wish I could help you more!

    If any other questions arise, please let me know.

      • Mostafa
      • Mostafa
      • 12 days ago
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      Polly Shepard 

      Thank you for your reply

      Yes, I am aware of this issue. My problem is not recognizing the system in converting the second output

      After exiting from the successful output message, all the converted videos will be deleted from the temp folder, as a result, the second publish will take the same amount of time as the first time.

      I think there are settings that cause this problem

  • Hi Mostafa,

    Thank you for your message! 

    That's right, if you close the presentation you are working on, Temp files will be deleted. This is how Windows system works, I am afraid we can't change it on our end.

    As a workaround, I can suggest that you add videos to a slide as web-objects. Please follow these steps:

    1) Click Web-object and switch to Local Path;
    2) Click Browse and locate the video;
    3) After you add a video, some windows will pop up, please close them all and click OK.
    4) Go to Preview to see how the video looks on the slide. 

    Hope this helps!

      • Mostafa
      • Mostafa
      • 7 days ago
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      Polly Shepard 


      Hello good time
      I completed the steps and there was no problem showing the video in preview and the video was played completely and accurately

    • Mostafa, thank you for your reply! I am glad to hear that this workaround worked for you.

      If any other questions arise, feel free to contact us!

      • Mostafa
      • Mostafa
      • 5 days ago
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      Polly Shepard 

      Hi, thank you for reply But I think there is a misunderstanding
      My problem is in the rendering speed of courses, why are the contents of the temp folder deleted and why does Spring re-render the previously rendered contents from zero.
      Is there a setting that can solve this issue? Because for heavy periods of several hours, this rendering time is very long and boring

    • Mostafa 

      Hi Mostafa,

      Sorry for this misunderstanding! I just tried publishing a course with a video several times in a row, and it published faster for the second time. 

      I believe we need more testing on this to see why this doesn't work on your end. 

      What version of the program do you use? Do you change the video settings before publishing? How much time has passed between the first and the second publishing?

      • Mostafa
      • Mostafa
      • 3 days ago
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      Polly Shepard 

      Hi, thanks
      I use the latest available version, but I tested it with other versions, version 11 and even 10, and there was no difference
      No, the default settings are standard
      The rendering time of the first and second output is the same and long, and the time between them is very short (because the temp folder is deleted after the first output, as if it starts from zero for the second output)

    • Mostafa 

      Thank you for your reply! 

      I will discuss this with our developers and will get back to you as soon as I receive any information from them.

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