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Images are not displaying in Moodle LMS

Hi, I have created knowledge checks with some images in them and deployed them in Moodle. The images which I have added in Quiz are not displaying in Moodle LMS but they are fine in SCORM cloud. 

Could any one help with this?


Thanks & regards, 


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  • Hello! Thank you for your question!
    The thing is that if you added the pictures in Slide View in iSpring Quizmaker, they will not be displayed in mobile friendly mode after publishing. You can disable this feature in Player -> Navigation -> uncheck the box for "Display slides on smartphones in mobile friendly mode". Sometimes LMS show the courses on mobile-friendly mode due to the Zoom of browser that is less than 100% or the screen is less than 700 px.
    If your issue persist in desktop version, then the issue could be on LMS end - since they work correctly in SCORM Cloud so there is no issue in SCORM. 
    We could also recommend re-inserting the images on the slides in Quizmaker in another format to check if this works.
    Hope this does make sense!

    • velayutham
    • velayutham
    • 2 mths ago
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    Thank you for your reply!

    As you mentioned, I have disabled the setting and reinserted the images in a different format, but the results are the same.




    Please note that the problem appears only in the quiz section. The rest of the course looks fine.

    As mentioned, I have contacted the LMS team. They say that there is no issue on their end, and it might be caused by the iSpring update. The thing is the images were displayed last year, that time iSpring version was 9 and now we are in version 11. We afraid that this is because of iSpring update. 

    When I inspect that, it displays the below error. I understand from the LMS team that there could be a problem with the quiz location path (two different slash symbol).


    We purchased an iSpring license based on the positive results we experienced last year. For the current course, as you can see, the images are not showing with the same settings and packages as they did before. Note that the images appeared in the local browser.

    I have attached a dummy course source file with all the information in it.

    Could you please help me on this?

  • Hi  velayutham,

    Thank you for your response!

    Please send the exported version of the project to, so that we can test it on our end and look into the issue.

    Here are some help docs on how to export the project -

    We'll be looking forward to the project! 

    Have a wonderful day!

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