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Where does Project Name data come from?

I have an ongoing issue when publishing a PowerPoint to iSpring, and I have been unsuccessful in finding out how to correct the Project Name.  Even if I change it, the SCORM File STILL sends whatever it initially "thought" I wanted my Project File name to be.  How do I correct??

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  • Hello, Theresa Duing , thank you for your question!

    Do you mean that when you upload the SCORM file to your LMS, it still has the original name of the file you used to publish the course?

    If so, then it is possible that your LMS uses “Lesson title” instead of the “Course name”, which is another name of “Project name”. 

    You can change both the “Course name” and the “Lesson title” in the SCORM settings. See the screenshot below for reference:

    Hope this helps! 

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