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"Stay Safe Around Bears" by Jihong Tang

Hi Fellow iSpring Users,

I had a great time creating this interactive on bear safety.  I was inspired by my recent visit to Katmai National Park where I encountered several bears and realized that I didn’t know what to do.

In the project, I used as many iSpring features as I could.

  • Roleplay with an outdoors expert
  • Interactive Slides for Basic Bear Knowledge and Guidelines for bear safety
  • Interactive Knowledge check about bear safety
  • Text to Speech for responses in Roleplay

I hope that you would kindly leave me your feedback as I realize there is still some room for improvement. Thanks to iSpring Solutions for hosting this contest and allowing me to participate.

Jan Tang

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  • Hi Jihong Tang ,

    Awesome course! I really like it🙂 Thank you so much for participating and submitting your work!

    iSpringers, please take time and look through this course to be safe when you visit any National Park with bears the next time. And, of course, vote for Jan!👍

  • Hi Jan,

    I really enjoyed learning about the "bear facts" through interacting with your course!  You did an awesome job and we couldn't be more prouder of you!  Congratulations!!


  • Jihong Tang

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “The title slide caught my attention immediately with its bear growling sounds - it was an excellent way to grab the learner's attention. The visual design of the course was fantastic, and it made the course aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

    However, I had a few concerns with the opening "conversation" used to start the course. I felt that it may have been more effective to just have the text read aloud or allow the learner to choose what they wanted to learn, assuming there were multiple learning points that were not sequential. Additionally, it seemed a little odd that only the opening conversation had narration, while the next slide on "Bear Distributions in N. America" did not. To create a more consistent experience, I suggested making a choice to have all slides either narrated or not.

    The clickable map was an excellent interactive feature, but some instructions on how to use it could be helpful. While the interactivity options were nice, I felt that the course was more of a collection of facts than a cohesive learning experience. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the option to identify black vs. brown bears, which was a nice touch.

    Overall, it was a very nice course, and I appreciated the effort and dedication that went into creating it. With a few tweaks and adjustments, it could become an even better learning experience."

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  • Hi Mike, Sorry for the late reply. I am very grateful for your suggestive feedback. It is very helpful to me. I agreed with your opinion on my course - "the course was more of a collection of facts than a cohesive learning experience. "

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