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"Type of Conflict Management" by Agnes Dessyana

Today's Agenda

1.      Introduction to the Session

2.      Methods of Resolving Conflicts

3.      Conflict Management Strategis

4.      Key Skill for Conflict Managemen

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  • Hi Agnes Dessyana ,

    Thank you for sharing your course with the Community! Hope you could be one of the winners (:

    Now, guys, it's time to vote👍 You are more than welcome to press the Vote button to support Agnes's work in this competition!

  • Agnes Dessyana ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor:I really enjoyed the clean design with its attractive illustrations and use of white space. However, as an expert, I also noticed a few areas where the course could be improved.

    One easy improvement that could be made is to increase the contrast between headings and body text to add some visual hierarchy. This would help learners to more easily navigate through the material and understand the main points of each section.

    Additionally, I noticed that the visual style varied a bit on some pages, which could be confusing for learners. To improve this, it may be helpful to align the visual elements better throughout the course. This could potentially require recreating some of the tables, as they seemed to be images or screenshots.

    Although I appreciated the interactivity of the course, I did find some of it to be challenging to understand. Specifically, the drag and drop function was unclear to me. Additionally, some of the text was too small to read, which made it difficult for me to follow along with the material.

    Finally, while I appreciated the photographic design at the end of the course, I found that it was inconsistent with the earlier parts of the course. This could potentially be improved by creating a more cohesive visual style throughout the course.

    Overall, I believe that this course is off to a good start with plenty of opportunities for improvement. With some small adjustments, this course could be even more effective and engaging for learners."

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