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Possibility to CANCEL a training session

  • Raul
  • Raul_lms
  • 7 mths ago

The problem

When we schedule (virtual live) training with iSpring Learn, we discovered that there is no option to cancel a session and inform the participants that the sessions is canceled.

There could be numerous situations when a live session needs to be canceled.

The current options are to delete the whole training or edit the session.

The first one is not an option, considering that by deleting the training you in fact delete the whole historical learning activity. Secondly, there are various scenarios when editing (rescheduling) a session is not possible. Consider when there is no known date for the rescheduling or when there are multiple alternative sessions and you just don't know what all the tens of participants would prefer as an alternative.


The solution

In addition to editing, have the option to CANCEL a session. This not only updates the status for the enrollment for all participants (to a new status: "session canceled") but also sends a notification email that the session was canceled.

In addition, if there are other sessions available, when canceling, a popup should indicate (like the enrollment) if the participants (individuals or all) would be allowed to select themselves a preferred time out of the other sessions or be enrolled by the trainer in a dedicated session from the available ones.


Community Call to Action

If you have encountered such scenario and would like to have this feature implemented in iSpring Learn, please upvote this product idea.

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