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How to Make a Drag-and-Drop Quiz

When people hear the words ‘test’ and ‘quiz’, they might remember those stressful tests they had at schools and universities. eLearning isn’t about stressing out learners but engaging them. And a surefire way to do this is to add a drag-and-drop quiz to your course!

A drag-and-drop quiz is a test during which learners should literally drag answer options and drop them in the right places. Isn’t that a fun way to check one’s knowledge?

Let’s see how easily you can create this type of quiz with iSpring QuizMaker (iSpring Suite will do, too, as it includes iSpring QuizMaker along with other tools). For this example, we chose the topic - how to cook an omelet.

1. Download iSpring QuizMaker and install it on your computer.
2. Launch iSpring QuizMaker and select the Graded Quiz option.

3. Click the Question button on the toolbar and choose the Drag-and-Drop question type.

Once the Drag-and-Drop slide template appears, input your question into the text box and then click on Proceed. Now, move on to placing your pictures – add the frying pan and ingredients.

4. In Slide View mode, you can insert the elements that will act as your draggable objects and destination areas. Click on the Picture button to select your images (you can select multiple images at once). From here, arrange them as desired.

5. Once you’ve arranged your objects, link them together. In Form View mode:

  • Click on the Drag Item column and choose the objects that will be draggable in your question.

  • Click on the Drop Target column and choose the element that will act as your Drop Target for the draggable objects.

In our example, the Drop Target is the frying pan, and the Drag Items are the ingredients.

6. In the Slide Options on the right, you can set detailed parameters of your quiz, such as the limit of number of attempts, time limit, and scoring parameters.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you’ve made your drag-and-drop quiz. Now, you can publish it to your LMS, website, iSpring Space, or save it on your computer.

Do you use drag-and-drop questions in your eLearning? How do your learners like it? Feel free to share in the comments section below! 🙂

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  • Actually - it is a really nice feature. Drag-and-drop quiz maker allows the creation of game-like educational resources. And the best thing is that the iSpring tool allows to export it into a small size HTML application. When I need to make an educational game I explore the possibilities in this order: iSpring tools -> Godot engine -> Unity engine -> other. 

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    • Tomas Blazauskas ,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! Glad to see you like using this quiz feature when creating your games for learners with iSpring🙂

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