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7 eLearning trends how to keep up using a single tool

When talking about training, there are two things always worthy of consideration – what kind of learning content to create and how to deliver it to learners. And this is where we can see constant changes. But before we dive deep into the content trends and changes in eLearning technologies, let’s take a look at the larger international tendencies coming over the horizon that are going to affect the entire educational system.

Let’s reflect on 2020. Oh, what a year it was! Teachers and training professionals spent a large portion of the year revamping learning strategies to address the new environment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them had to convert traditional instructor-led training to the virtual classroom and eLearning quickly. Even before the coronavirus outbreak occurred, the eLearning industry had been expanding at a steady pace. And now, it’s essential to expect an explosive growth of interest in online training. But what exactly expect to see in 2022? We asked leading industry experts to share their insights on what eLearning trends we can look forward to this year. Check out webinar to know the 7 trends in e learning.

About the presenter

Balvinder Dhadli

Balvinder is an eLearning expert at iSpring who always dives deep into client’s needs to find the best possible solution. He has a great deal of experience working with multinational organizations from different Industries. He is confident that an appropriate eLearning solution will help them reach their eLearning goals and realize success quickly.

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