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iSpring - how to remove the "continue" button between each scene during a dialogue


I have a question regarding the dialogue simulation. I would like to know how to remove the "Continue" button between each scene during a dialogue.

It would be great, if after a few seconds (2 sec for example) the following scene appeared automatically.

Thanks in advance for your help.




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  • Hello Laurent,

    Thank you for contacting iSpring! 

    I am afraid that there is no automatic advancing in Dialogue Simulations yet. However, this is a great idea and you can leave it on our Product Ideas page:

    If you want to make the Continue button less visible, I can suggest changing a message with the Continue button to a reply saying "Next" or "Continue". 

    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you!

    • laurent
    • laurent
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hello Polly,

    Thank you for your answer.

    It's a good idea to change "message" by "reply" 馃憤

    Have a good day


    • laurent
    • laurent
    • 1 yr ago
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    Sorry Polly,

    I forgot to ask you, if it is possible to modify the position of the "next" button, for example to be able to put it in the middle of the screen.

    thanks in advance


  • Hi Laurent,

    Thank you for your question!

    In the iSpring player, you can't change the position of the controls. However, there is a workaround! You can create your own control buttons with PowerPoint tools:

    - In Player select None to disable the iSpring player, or just turn some controls off in the Bottom bar settings.

    - Add a shape to the slide. You can add text to it by double-clicking on the shape.

    - Select this shape, go to the Insert tab and click on Action. Select Hyperlink to - Next Slide and save.

    - Put this shape to any place on your slide. You can do this for one slide and then copy it to the rest of the slides. 

    This way, you can also create the Prev button, as well as the Close button at the end of the course. 

    Let me know if this helps!

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