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Training that display sessions to users in their local time zone/date

The problem

When a learner navigates to the Catalog and selects a Training, the date and time are displayed. This, for the learner, looks like local time, but it is not. It's the time/date/time zone that set when creating the session.

After a user enrolls for the session, the time zone is displayed.

When a user navigates to My Training they see the time, again not their local time, but the time set when creating the session (in this example GMT-6).

This approach does not apply to a global audience of learners (from different time zones).


The solution

Implement/complete the functionality/mechanism so that the LMS detects the local time and adjusts it accordingly, for every learner.

The reference time, date and time zone is already submitted when a session is created. What is left is to detect the Operating System time setting and perform the time conversion behind the scenes.


Community Call to Action

If you have encountered such shortcoming for your global learning organization, and would like to have this feature implemented in iSpring Learn, please upvote this product idea.

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  • Hi Raul,

    Thank you so much for your feature request! We appreciate your desire to help us improve our products 😊

    iSpringers, please  vote for this feature request if you need it too👍

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