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"Políticas y Normativas de Seguridad de la Información de la CNT EP para Terceras Partes" by Veronica, a cibersecurity analyst from Ecuador

Esta capacitación está dirigida a todos los funcionarios, obreros y trabajadores de la CNTEP, que son designados Administradores de Contrato. 


Establecer los lineamientos orientados a garantizar y preservar la información organizacional con base a los principios de seguridad de la información (Confidencialidad, Integridad y Disponibilidad) en concordancia con los requerimientos del negocio, leyes, normativas y/o regulaciones aplicables.

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  • Hi Veronica ,

    Thank you for your work submission! Awesome course🙂 I really like it.

    iSpringers, please vote for this work if you like it too and want to support Veronica in the Championship👍

  • Veronica ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “I appreciated the bright colors and design of the title slide, which caught my attention right away. However, I did notice that the slide size was quite large, causing some of the player elements and buttons to be rather small. This could be an issue for some users, so I suggest taking this into consideration when designing future courses.

    On a positive note, the animated graphics used throughout the course were engaging and added a visual component to the content. However, it's important to ensure that the graphics style matches and remains consistent throughout the entire course to avoid any confusion or distractions.

    I particularly enjoyed the addition of questions in the middle of the course, which encouraged interaction and active thinking about the content. This is a great way to keep learners engaged and focused on the material.

    To improve the course further, I suggest varying the slide design layout. While the background used was visually appealing, using it repeatedly throughout the course made it seem a bit static. By changing the layout, you can keep learners attentive and interested in the material.

    Overall, the online course was well-designed and engaging, and I hope this feedback helps improve future courses even further."

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