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Course Description

This course will describe the oral health status and treatment needs of Malaysian population from the surveys conducted by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) according to the target groups.

At the end of this topic, you will be able to:

  • Identify oral health status of the preschool children in Malaysia

  • Identify the treatment needs for oral healthcare among the preschool children in Malaysia

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  • Hi Arif Ghazali ,

    Thank you for participating and submitting your work! It's amazing🙂

    iSpringers, please vote for this course if you want to support Arif in the competition👍

    • Kseniya Bright Thank you Kseniya!!! Hope i would win. 😁

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    • Arif Ghazali , Good luck😉

  • Arif Ghazali ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “First of all, I appreciate your choice of background music for the title slide. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and sets a positive tone for the course.

    As I proceeded to slide 3, I found the video to be interesting, but I wasn't sure about its purpose in that particular slide. I suggest that you consider making it the first slide instead of the current title slide as it could be a better way to capture the learners' attention right from the start.

    While going through the course, I was looking for a menu to navigate back to a previous slide but couldn't find it. Did I miss it, or was it an intentional design choice? I recommend including a navigational menu in your course to help learners navigate through the course seamlessly.

    I also noticed that you used audio narration on some slides but not others. Consistency in applying audio narration could be an improvement to the course's quality.

    I appreciate the interactivity you've included, like the one on slide 6. However, it could be even better if you move the instructions up to the top or make them more noticeable. I found myself struggling a bit to notice them at first.

    Unfortunately, I got stuck on slide 7 and couldn't evaluate anything beyond that point. This experience further emphasized the need for a navigational menu to allow learners to easily move between different sections of the course.

    Thank you for considering my feedback. I hope you find it helpful in improving the quality of your online course."

    • Kseniya Bright This is a reply to Mark Taylor's feedback on our content. The courses are actually compiled from multiple SCORM files using Reload Editor. However, we are facing an issue with iSpring Space, as it is not allowing us to upload the compiled SCORM files that are outputted from the Reload Editor.

      If you wish to see the actuall finish product please browse to :-

      username : Demo_01

      password : Demo_01


      We were asked to merge all the PPT sources into one before compiling them in iSpring Space. However, it took us a lot of time to manually transfer the all VOs from multiple PPT files into the merged PPT file.


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