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"Welcome to the team!" by Andreea Nicoleta Trif

About this module

This is an example of a new hire onboarding e-learning module, part of a remote onboarding programme.

“Welcome to the team!” introduces the Customer Service new hires to their new team and helps them:

  • Identify the team goal, objectives and main activities.
  • Recognise the team culture elements.
  • Identify the key team members with their roles and main responsibilities.
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  • Hi Andreea Nicoleta Trif ,

    Thank you for participating in all our challenges and submitting your course! As always, your work is great. So love your courses🤗

    Guys, all of you, know to do: take time to look through this amazing work and support Andreea in our competition🙂

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    • Andreea Trif
    • Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer
    • Andreea_Trif
    • 2 mths ago
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    Thank you, Kseniya! 🤗

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  • Andreea Nicoleta Trif ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “I thoroughly enjoyed taking this online course! From the very start, I was impressed with the clean and colorful visual design, as well as the charming illustrations that were featured throughout the course. The choice of music for the title slide was also a nice touch and set the tone for a positive learning experience.

    One minor suggestion I have is regarding the "about this course" section. While it's great to have this information available, it would be helpful if it were optional and not required to be seen by everyone. Perhaps adding an option to skip this section for those who don't need it would be a nice touch.

    I appreciated the notice that the course has audio, but I think it would be even better if this information were moved to the front where learners first experience the audio. This way, learners would be aware of the audio and could adjust their settings accordingly.

    The onboarding graphic was a particularly helpful feature that helped orient learners to where they were in the overall process. The decision to hide the navigation menu and make it available "on demand" was also a great choice and made the course feel more streamlined.

    One minor issue I noticed was that some slides didn't seem to have audio. I'm curious about the decision behind this - was it intentional, or did I experience a technical issue? Specifically, I was expecting audio on the team culture page where learners can select the different categories.

    I also appreciated the team responsibilities and contact information that was provided. This seems like valuable information that learners will appreciate. I wonder if this information could also be added as a downloadable or printable resource for future reference.

    I was impressed with the variety of question types that were used in the course, including drag and drop and pick one, as well as the use of ratings and feedback opportunities. And maybe my favorite thing you did was give your learners an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions - very well done! 8-)

    Overall, I found this to be a valuable and enjoyable learning experience, and I would recommend this course to others."

      • Andreea Trif
      • Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer
      • Andreea_Trif
      • 1 mth ago
      • Reported - view

      Kseniya Bright, many thanks for sharing this!

      I am very grateful for this thoughtful and encouraging feedback, all the insights and suggestions are really useful. 😊

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