Meet the updates to iSpring Content Library

In this post, we've collected the updates to iSpring Content Library. They include a broad range of assets for the farming and agriculture industry. Plus, you’ll find an optimistic character for the role of tech support engineer.

👩‍🌾👨‍🌾2 farmers
Linn and Sergio are experienced farmers. These cheerful characters will walk you through the entire process of growing vegetables and fruits: from planting seedlings to harvesting.


Meet Giuseppe, an outgoing grocer who is passionate about the quality of the produce he sells. He can provide the best farm strawberries, greens, veggies, and excellent service.

🧑🔧Tech support engineer
Chad is a tech support engineer. He’s prepared to listen carefully to your customers’ needs. Good communication skills and open-mindedness make him a perfect pick for customer service courses.

🐑🐖🏡25 farm locations
Use them in training courses for farmers, agronomists, and other professionals involved in the farming and agriculture industry.


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