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SCORM 2004v4, cmi.success_status

I have a course created with iSpring 10.2, which consists of 11 slides: 10 usual ones and last one is quiz (9 questions). It is set to rate both slides and the quiz. 

The problem I have is following: the course reports cmi.success_status to an LMS as "failed" right away, before user even attempted the quiz for the first time. For example, I launch the course, it loads, shows me the first slide (video lesson), and I close the course. Completion now is "incomplete" (as expected), Success is "failed" (why?) and Score is 4.55%.

As a result SAP SF, as I was told by my client, considers the user as failed one and ends the learning process in case the user closes scorm player before attempting the quiz.

Is it working wrong or did I setup something wrong? Is it possible to setup the course so that cmi.success_status remains "unknown" while user didn't took the quiz?

Please take a look at screenshots and log file from Scorm cloud.

FYI, if I setup the course so that number of viewed slides is not rated, and the quiz is rated, success status remains "unknown" the whole time, and only after the user took the quiz it switches to "passed" or "failed".

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  • Hello Sergey! 

    Welcome to the iSpring Community!

    Since you rate not just the quiz, but the slides as well, it all counts towards the success_status. Attempting to view the slides is nothing different than attempting a quiz. 
    Imagine you have your quiz on the first slide, following 8 other slides. Your student passes the quiz but does not view the following slides and closes the lesson. Their status will be failed although they passed the quiz, and it makes sense - you rate not just the quiz but the slides as well. This is just like the situation you described - only half of the requirements for "passed" have been fulfilled. 

    If it is important that the users view all the slides before they attempt the quiz, I would suggest that you take advantage of iSpring's limited navigation setting. This way the users are forced to view all of the slides one by one before they can take the quiz on the last slide. This way, you can only rate the quiz but be sure that the slides have been all viewed. 

    Hope this sheds some light on the matter. 

    iSpring Tech Support. 

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    • Sergey
    • Sergey
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    Hi Stephan,

    Thank you for clarification and the suggestion! 

    I was confused by the article, the screenshot (attached) is misleading a bit in the context of my problem. Now I get the logic behind it.

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