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The Impact of Stress on Learning Culture

Stress is the fastest growing pandemic facing businesses right now. Lack of knowledge and understanding in the workplace is incredibly stressful, in fact, according to global research studies, it's one of the key drivers of workplace stress. Stress undermines confidence, heightens resistance to change, and can harm team dynamics, leaving employees feeling like they don't belong.

Helping employees grow in confidence and ability is the role of L&D and HR but how do you support employees who are already stressed?

When stressed or highly anxious, we produce cortisol, which diverts essential resources from the brain to the large muscles in preparation for ‘fight and flight’. We are no longer adequately equipped to retain, make sense of, and recall new information. So for learning and development to happen, we have to find a way to manage stress quickly, safely, and effectively.

Learn more about the impact of workplace stress on your learning culture in this 45-minute webinar with the founder of The Healing Hub, Nikki J. Owen, and discover how as an HR or L&D leader, you can arm yourself with the tools and know-how to beat it.

What you'll learn:

  • The impact of workplace stress on organizations, learning culture, and the individual
  • The biggest block to stress release
  • The FEAR Cycle and how this affects learning receptiveness
  • How to develop a stress-free learning culture
  • Discover a stressbusting gift for you

Seats are limited, so be sure to get yours right away.

About the presenter

Ajay Pangarkar

Ajay Pangarkar, CTDP, FCPA, CMA, is a workplace performance strategist, speaker, author, and thought leader. Under his leadership, Training Magazine bestowed their Technology in Action, Learning Management Project of the Year award on CentralKnowledge for its success with Apple. Being an award-winning writer, Ajay develops courses for LinkedIn Learning and is a regular guest speaker on Montreal’s #1 talk radio show discussing workforce performance issues.

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