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New characters, locations and icons

  • 1 yr ago

We’ve released a great update to Content Library. The new assets will be a perfect pick for the manufacturing, mining, energy, and chemical industries. And they’re already available in your iSpring Suite Max!

👩‍🔧👩‍🔧2 characters for the manufacturing industry
Adding these fascinating characters to your course is a surefire way to make your onboarding or workplace training really engaging.

🏭10 oil refinery locations
This set of high-quality locations will make your courses for the energy industry natural and engaging. The pictures represent a large oil refinery complex with storage tanks, extensive piping running throughout, chemical processing units, and other objects.

🔧⚙️78 industry icons
These new industry icons will help you build greater engagement for your industrial learners. You’ll find symbols for the manufacturing, mining, and chemical industries, including images of oil, gas, conveyors, and manufacturing employees.

If you have any idea on how we could improve our Content Library, please share your thoughts in the comment block 😉

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