"Campaña de Oximetría" by David Alfaro Lemus

Curso para capacitar a visitadores médicos, en la promoción de aparatos e infraestructura médica. 

El curso está diseñado utilizado dos herramientas de iSpring Suite:

  • Grabación de pantalla (Cam pro) 
  • Simulación de conversación (talkMaster)

La evaluación de aprendizaje simula una conversación con el médico decisor de la compra de los insumos de infraestructura médica. 

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    • K_ibright
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    Thank you for submitting such a great course! You work is stunning🙂

    Please vote for this course to support David Alfaro in our competition. All you need to do is to press the vote button in the top left corner👍

    • K_ibright
    • 5 mths ago
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    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “I found this course to be well-designed and user-friendly. One feature that I appreciated was the on-screen button to start the course. It was a nice touch and made it easy to dive right into the material.

    However, I did have a question about the decision to "lock" the navigation. I wondered if this was due to compliance issues. Nonetheless, I appreciated that learners had the option to collapse or expand the navigation, giving them control over their learning experience. One suggestion I had was to consider allowing the course to automatically advance. While I personally prefer this option, I understand there may be reasons for the current setup.

    I also found it effective that the course included scenarios to aid in learning. However, I did notice that the correct responses were sometimes noticeably longer than the incorrect options. This could potentially give away the answer and hinder learning.

    One aspect of the course that I found repetitive was the branding splash page with the company logo at the beginning of every video. I didn't find it necessary, and it was slightly distracting to see it repeatedly.

    Lastly, I felt that the course could benefit from a way for learners to ask questions or provide feedback. It would be helpful to have a link to an online feedback form or an email contact to submit questions.

    Overall, I enjoyed taking this course and found it to be a valuable learning experience."

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    Aprecio mucho las observaciones, las restricciones a la navegación fue un requerimiento del cliente para garantizar que los usuarios vean correctamente los contenidos. Igual por temas de presencia de marca, se reitera el logo de la empresa, ya que es importante la presencia de logos. Se intentó hacer que sea muy breve. Saludos 

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