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How to Customize Smartphone Mobile View in iSpring Quizmaker?


I am creating a quiz using iSpring Quizmaker, and in the Player settings I found that there is an option to enable different interface when we access the quiz on the mobile device. Basically the mobile view is simple without any branding style and colors which I set up for desktop view.

So, my question is - Is there any way we can customize that mobile view using company's brand colors and fonts?


Shailesh G

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  • Hello, Shailesh, and thank you for your question!
    Sure, you can disable the mobile-friendly mode in iSpring Player, and then the quiz on a mobile device will be shown with the same color scheme as on the computer. To do it please open Quizmaker -> go to Player -> Navigation -> uncheck the field "Display slides on smartphones in mobile-friendly mode".
    Does this help?

  • Yes. That I'm already aware of. I want to customize the mobile view, at least the color of the buttons if not everything.

    Also, this is another issue - the SUBMIT ALL button is not available in the Mobile view.

    • Shailesh Hello! Thank you for your feedback!
      I am afraid that currently there is no way to change the color scheme for mobile view - but since you disable the mobile-friendly mode in Player, the buttons will be the same color as they are in the desktop mode. 
      And can you please describe your issue with the "Submit all" button in the Mobile mode? Does the button not appear there?

  • Hi Annie - Sorry to say but your both the claims are wrong or not possible with current version of iSpring QuizMaker (latest version). 

    1. I cannot change the color of the buttons for the mobile view. See the attached screenshot for reference.
    2. Also, I cannot see Submit button in the mobile view. See the attached screenshot for reference.

    The attached screenshot has both the views. Please check and let me know.



    • Shailesh Hello! Thank you for your feedback message! I am sorry that the issue persists!
      Do you have the latest version of iSpring Quizmaker? And do you have the standalone quiz file or is it a part of the course in PPT?
      To make the color of the buttons the same for mobile devices and computers you need to uncheck the field "Display slides on smartphones in mobile-friendly mode" in Player. Please see the screenshots attached. But let me note that it will work only for standalone quizzes.
      Concerning the Submit button, it will not be shown in the mobile mode player, but at the end of the quiz the user will receive the message "Submit All" after all the questions.
      Hope it does make sense! 

      • Shailesh
      • Shailesh
      • 11 days ago
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      Annie Shelton 

      1. I am using the latest version of iSpring Suite Max.

      2. I am working on standalone quiz project files without integrating in to PPT.

      3. I am aware of the difference between Smartphone view and the desktop view.

      4, I know the feature to change or customize or modify the smartphone view is NOT available in the player settings at the moment. We can just toggle between those, but we cannot customize it. I am asking, is there any other way we can do it by modifying HTML+CSS?

      5. Regarding Submit All button - It is available in Desktop view but it disappears when you preview the quiz on the Smartphone mode - Please refer to my previous reply for screenshot. It should be there in Smartphone view also, because for 50+ questions, users can submit all questions at once and/or finish quiz without answering all questions.

      ***Could you make this feature request - if the above options are not available in the current version?

      Thanks for the response.


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