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iSpring Community Guidelines

  • Polina Ionina
  • Community Manager at iSpring
  • Polina_Ionina
  • updated 1 yr ago

To ensure the best experience for you and other participants, we kindly ask that you read our Community Guidelines.

  • The iSpring Community aims to be a safe place for everyone. We embrace kindness and operate based on the premise that everyone has good intentions and shows respect for others unconditionally.
  • We support live discussions and open dialogue. However, there is no space for discriminatory or defamatory comments here, and no tolerance for sexist, homophobic, harassing, racist, or otherwise offensive statements. We don’t tend toward censorship, but we do moderate this platform.
  •  We anticipate that you will keep discussions productive and on topic. Please post in the most relevant section so your questions, comments, and tips will be relevant for those who seek knowledge here.
  • The platform accumulates knowledge on eLearning and its trends, so we welcome diverse opinions on this subject. We expect that you will discuss not the people, but the topic, and not our staff, but our work. We expect that our community members won’t use vulgar language in their posts.
  • Being a trusted IT company, iSpring handles personal information with care. If your question requires revealing your personal or corporate information, please reach out to our Community Managers via email at Never share your or another person’s private data, logins, and passwords in posts and comments.   
  • We want to provide users with as much information as possible to allow them to find the best training solution for their needs. We encourage subject matter experts to share their vision and become influencers. For the sake of equal opportunity, please refrain from advertising, spamming, or including affiliate links in your posts.
  • If you want to share some helpful information but it doesn’t fall within our categories, please use our off-topic area. Any outside helpful resources or job listings are welcome there.
  • If you see any violation of these guidelines, please report it to our moderators, and they will take required action.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time you spend here! ;)
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