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  • I'd just like to say thank you for creating a community. I hope this will help me be more productive and share ideas with others and learn from others. I am Tina, I create online courses for 911 dispatchers.

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    • Tina Chaffin Hi Tina, welcome 👋 If you already have any questions, ask away! 📣

  • I use iSpring for accredited continuing medical education (ACME) and it’s been a godsend! I’m excited about this forum to learn how others use this platform to engage learners and learn some tricks along the way!  :-D

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  • Thank you.  I have historically run in-person training and am now adjusting to online training.  I am looking forward to participating in the forum.

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  • My name is Mhairi and I work for a charity. We have been creating lessons for children and young people on iSprings. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone on here! 

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    • Mhairi O'Rourke Hi and welcome to our Forum! If you see a question here that you know the answer to, please go ahead and reply 📝 Let's make this Community Forum a go-to place ❤️

  • Hello everyone, I'm Natalia . Glad to be here. I work in clinical research and we are doing trainings for our staff. I have a practical question . Have you ever faced a situation when you open an interaction and it's another one inside , not that one which is visible at the slide? 

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    • Natalia Hi! Happy to see you in our community :) This is Anna with iSpring Tech Support, so let me step in and help you with your question! 

      Usually, this issue comes up if there was another interaction before that and it was not deleted correctly.

      Is there a chance that you can export your project and send it to We will be happy to fix this! :) Just in case, here are the instructions on to export your course in the correct way:

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