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PowerPoint vs iSpring Suite: How to set up triggers and animations in your course

PowerPoint vs iSpring Suite

PowerPoint vs iSpring Suite is a series of free webinars on how to harness the power of these tools to design the most advanced eLearning content. Learn how to enhance your online courses with animations, mini-games, flashcards and more!

What will I learn?

During this webinar series, iSpring experts will take the time to guide you through every little step of advanced content development both in PowerPoint and iSpring Suite. We will walk you through every button, every click, every setting you need to configure from opening the software to saving your final course. They say the devil is in the details! We promise we won't skip a thing so you can be sure your authoring skills will transform in no time.

After the webinar "How to set up triggers and animations in your course", you’ll be able to confidently:

  • What are animations and how are they used in instructional design?
  • The difference between effective and poor quality animation
  • How to create animations in PowerPoint
  • How to create animations and interactions in iSpring Suite
  • Extras and special tricks


Please note that these webinars will be conducted as workshops, so if you want to practice your skills during our sessions, make sure you have PowerPoint and iSpring Suite installed on your computer. You can download a free 14-day iSpring Suite trial right before the first webinar and use it during all sessions.

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