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Quizzes should report to LMS on per screen basis like course

When you convert a PDF to a course in iSpring and the user moves through it every screen reports progress (bookmark) but if you insert a quiz which appears as multiple screens - lets say 20 for example - all 20 screens report as a single screen. This prevents bookmarking within a quiz (which I can live without) and it prevents being able to look at the amount of time on any given question or enable time processing rules on the LMS side to guess at when a user has walked away from their screen. 

The quiz screen reporting should be more similar to the course screen reporting. If a user moves forward through a course where screens are designed to be 10-60 seconds but the client side reports >5 minute we cap the time per screen at 5 minutes based on LMS side logic. However, an entire embedded quiz looks like a single lesson screen and this logic fails for quizzes that are more than a few minutes. 

There should be an option to get the quiz to report progress screen by screen to support longer quizzes.

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  • Hello Deborah,

    Thank you for your idea. We appreciate that you want to help us make iSpring products even better

    I will forward your feedback to our Product Development Team as a feature request. We will bear in mind this feature and also do our best to implement it in new updates.
    iSpringers, if you need this feature too, please vote for it👍

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