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"Parenting basics" by Paulina Martinez

As parents, one of our primary duties to our children--and to society for that matter--is to guide them from being completely dependent on us (under our control) to a state of independence (controlling themselves) by the time they reach adulthood.

To be successful in the task, parents must reflect on the logic of their messaging and actions toward their kids and anticipate their long-term outcomes. This course will help you consider how to raise responsible kids who are able to cope with real-world circumstances, discern between choices facing them with wisdom, and survive an increasingly precarious state of affairs.

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  • Hi Paulina Martinez ,

    Thanks a lot for submitting your course! Your work is great, meaningful and absolutely well-designed😊

    iSpringers, please vote for this work to help Paulina get the Audience Award👍

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  • Paulina Martinez ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “Upon entering the online course, I was immediately impressed by the clean and crisp visual design. The title slide caught my attention and left a very nice first impression. However, I felt that the addition of some background music could boost the course's overall appeal even further.

    One design decision that I appreciated was the "on demand" course navigational menu, which allowed me to easily access any section of the course without having to go through unnecessary content. I also appreciated that the "about this course" information was optional, giving learners the freedom to skip it if they didn't feel it was necessary for their learning experience.

    As I continued with the course, I couldn't help but wonder if the creator was familiar with Richard Mayer's multimedia principle, which states that duplicating on-screen text with identical narration can suppress learning. ( ) It's always something to keep in mind when designing multimedia materials.

    One aspect of the course that I particularly enjoyed was the menu slide design, which was both intuitive and visually appealing. Additionally, the inclusion of a scenario as part of the learning experience made the course feel more engaging and interactive. I was also pleased to see that the course included assessment options beyond just the default multiple-choice type questions, although some of these options felt repetitive and I wondered if it was a conscious design choice.

    Overall, I found the course to be well-designed and easy to navigate. While there were some minor areas for improvement, such as the addition of background music and careful consideration of the use of on-screen text, I enjoyed the learning experience and would recommend the course to others."

    • Kseniya Bright Thank you, and please thank all the evaluators on my behalf for their valuable feedback!

      The competition was a huge learning experience for me. I had done a free trial of ispring before but it wasn’t until this competition that I truly started becoming more familiar with the software. I was able to “learn by doing” because of the contest. 

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