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"E-learning design principles" by Rimandeep

Audience: Instructional designers who just started in this field

Tool: iSpring Suite 11

Objectives: After completing this training module, the audience will be able to apply e-learning design principles in their designs.


This training module is designed by keeping in mind that there is always some previous knowledge that exists in the learner’s mind and they try to connect this previous knowledge to the existing knowledge. This e-module offers learners an opportunity to test their existing knowledge. Appropriate feedback is provided after each question and given chance to try again so that the audience does not lose their motivation.

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  • Hi Rimandeep ,

    Thank you for participating and submitting your course! It's decent and well-organized.

    Please support Rimandeep in the Championship! - Just press the Vote button in the top left corner👍

  • Rimandeep ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “While there were many positive aspects of the course, I did have a few suggestions for improvement that I shared in my feedback.

    Firstly, I noted that the first slide appeared more like an old-fashioned cover sheet than a title page. I recommended that the descriptive text be removed to make a better first impression on the learner. However, I did commend the use of ample white space throughout the course.

    Next, I suggested that the course creator consider auto-advancing some of the content to reduce the need for the learner to click the next button so many times. I felt that this would enhance the interactive nature of the course and make it more engaging for the learner.

    On a positive note, I expressed my appreciation for the inclusion of negative examples and the opportunity for learners to identify mistakes. I felt that this was a great idea and a valuable way to reinforce key concepts."

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