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7 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Faster Content Development

MS PowerPoint has lots of secret options that can speed up content development significantly. We’ve compiled a list of 7 PPT tips and tricks that might help you out in your work. Check it out!

1. Create a perfect square

For some reason, PPT doesn’t offer a standard square shape of objects. If you need squares in your courses, there’s an easy way to create them. Just choose the rectangle shape and hold SHIFT while creating an object.

2. Modify the size of an object from its center

When you change the size of an object, it changes from the corner. And it can be inconvenient since this affects the position of the object on the slide. However, if you hold CTRL, your object will change from the center and stay in the same place.

3. Create a square from the center

You can also combine these two actions and create a perfect square while modifying its size from the center. Just choose the rectangle shape and hold SHIFT+CTRL while creating the object.

4. Drag objects only horizontally or vertically

When you drag objects in PPT, they move freely on the slide and then need to be aligned with other objects. However, if you hold CTRL+SHIFT, you’ll be able to drag the objects only horizontally or vertically, and they will remain on the same level as other contents.

5. Copy objects right to the place where you need them

If you need several identical objects on your slide, a traditional copy-paste isn’t the best option. That’s because, with this approach, objects appear at the same place and you have to find them among multiple copies and then drag them to another place. However, if you hold CTRL and then drag the object to the needed place, the copy will appear right where you need it.

6. Transfer format style from one object to another

If you’ve formatted the style of one object and want the same style for another object, there’s no need to format its style manually. Just pick up the format style by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+C and apply it to the needed object with CTRL+SHIFT+V.

7. Multiply the same animations

If you’ve set animation parameters for one object and want another object to have the same animation, just click on Animation Painter on the Animation toolbar and click on the desired object.

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