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Why Employees Don't Apply New Knowledges

Many companies spend a fortune on corporate training, but sometimes it brings no result. 🧮🎰

Simply listening to online lectures or completing quizzes is not enough. It is also important to learn how to apply new knowledge and skills to work. We’ve examined the main reasons why employees can’t apply new knowledge

  1. No focus on the learner. For employees, courses often lack useful practical information. So, think about who will find your course useful. Ask employees what knowledge and skills they need for their work and fulfill those needs with the course.
  2. Hard to digest. Employees may find it difficult to master knowledge because of lessons that are too long, language that is too complex, or a course that's in the wrong format. Divide information into smaller chunks and add interactivities to the course.
  3. No practical examples. Sometimes courses only contain theory, and employees don't understand how to put it into practice. So, use case studies, real-life scenarios, and provide learners with practical examples. This will increase knowledge retention.
  4. A lack of thought-provoking activities. Your course should help employees develop their ideation and thinking skills. Association games, crossword puzzles, and other mini-games will be useful for them to learn how to connect the dots.
  5. Fear of failure. Encourage employees to eliminate their aversion to error. Mistakes are inevitable when learning, but with interactive simulations, employees can practice in a safe environment to avoid any damage to the business.

Share your own tips and experience with the Community.

Also, if you want to create online courses that will work, read our guide in the blog😉

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