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"Postpone" & "Submit all" links/buttons does not show on the mobile version (iSpring QuizMaker 10.2)

iSpring QuizMaker 10.2

"Postpone" links/buttons does not show on the mobile version of my quizzes.
I am quite surprised by this issue as I expected the mobile to display everything from the desktop display ( but in an adaptive fashion)

Why or what is the purpose of having the Title of the quiz showing on the mobile screen ? 
It serves nothing and it is just using unnecessarily part of this so limited space. Mentioning the quiz title on the info page is enough.

I suggest that the quiz "Title" display be removed from the mobile version and make room to show "Postpone" and "Submit all"

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  • Harold O

    Thank you for contacting us!
    Can you please share a screenshot with a title of a quiz in mobile view?
    Also, I will pass a request with our developers, so they could add a Postpone and Submit all buttons in mobile view.

    Best regards,

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