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String multiple Quizzes to a final result

I would like to be able to have multiple quizzes link together to a final quiz score. This would allow you to place let's say 4 quizes in a course and they all feed to a final score. The final score is what is needed to pass the course.

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  • Hi, Alan!  Can't you do this already with Question Groups?

      • Alan Wade
      • Alan_Wade
      • 9 mths ago
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      Anthony Goss 

      I don't think so, question groups deal with one quiz, it doesn't allow you to quiz, then go back to learning, quiz some more, then learn some more, then have all those quizzes result in a final score. Unless I don't understand gruop quizzes, I think when you start the quiz you must finish the quiz and get a result.

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    • Alan Wade You are correct, Alan!  I was not understanding what you wanted to do.  Sounds to me as if you want to embed different quizzes within a course and then have an aggregate score for all quizzes as the final result.  I know this is possible in other tools, but I don't it is possible in iSpring.  

  • You nailed it.

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  • I came today to make a new posting about a problem where quizzes do not report to the LMS screen by screen and the work around suggestion was to break up the quiz into multiple quizzes so there would be more incremental reporting. So this posting caught my eye. Its one of the reasons that breaking up a quiz into multiple quizzes by topic is not a good workaround solution for me. 

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