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Switching between slides when audio finish

Hello, is there any option how to solve switching to the next slide (by Next button only) when audio on slide finish? Can not find this option in PowerPoint, maybe it can manage iSpring options. Thanks for an answer.   

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  • Hello Miroslav! Thank you for your question!

    You can set a slide to advance to the next one automatically after audio on slide finish and/or on a mouse click. 

    1) Click the Slide Properties button on the iSpring Suite toolbar.

    2) Select one or more slides whose advance settings you would like to change. 

    3) Select On-Click or Auto on the toolbar to change advance settings

    1. If you select both On-Click and Auto, the advance to the next slide will happen automatically, but learners will also be able to switch to a new slide by clicking on it.

    2. If you don't select any of these options, users will proceed to the next slide by using links on the slide, navigation buttons on the player, or keyboard controls.

    Hope this helps!

    Tech Support Engineer

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