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One of the great things about this forum is that we can get to know each other here. We all come from different places and have our own unique story about how we became instructional designers. And, of course, we all create super cool eLearning content that we want to share with other people. So, why don’t we share?

Tell us a little bit about yourself in the comments!

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  • I'm Kevin Siegel, founder and president of IconLogic, Inc. I think beginning any eLearning project makes a ton of sense. And taking those awesome PowerPoint layouts direct into eLearning makes a ton of sense. That's why I'm a huge fan of iSpring Suite.

    The ability to simply switch to a different PowerPoint tab (iSpring Suite) and add some awesome, best-in-class eLearning features makes short work out of eLearning development.

    Personally, I think iSpring Suite is the very best of the PowerPoint add-ons for eLearning.

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  • Well Hello,


    I'm Mark Cerasaro and I'm a Training Specialist with the Early Learning Coalition of Pasco and Hernando Counties in Florida.

    Our training department only started creating online content on the side just before COVID hit, and then had to make it something of a priority. Now we offer virtual, instructor-led, courses and some online self-paced courses at which, thankfully, iSpring courses are very compatible with!

    Our training department was initially set up to train professionals in the Early Childhood Education field, but I've also begun to create some internal onboarding and compliance content, and we've begun to create courses for caregivers/parents of those little Early Learners as well!

    So our department is a group of 3 SMEs who have by necessity become instructional designers. For more of that story, check out the "why I chose iSpring" page here in the forum .

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  • I am Liz Loadholt with AgentOwned Realty -- co-founder, broker-in-charge, COO, Relocation Director, Training Director. Training is my favorite part of my job and I have thoroughly enjoyed using ISpring.

    The PowerPoint that is associated with iSpring is awesome -- so many tools. Also, I have found the help desk very responsive and useful.

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  • Hi I'm Mark Simon, Principal Training Consultant at HiMark Solutions in the Boston, MA area.  I work with a wide variety of business clients in various business sectors, and have been working in training and documentation for well over 20 years.

     While I use many different eLearning development tools (mostly depending on my client's wishes), I try to use iSpring as often as possible.  As strange as it may sound, the two biggest reasons I like to use iSpring are its simplicity and its power.  SIMPLICITY because it's embedded into PowerPoint, a tool that, let's face it, we all know very, very well, and POWER because it's such a reliable, feature rich tool.

    I discovered iSpring a little over 10 years ago and it has helped to shine in many different ways.  I've created a number of highly impressive eLearning lessons thanks to all of iSpring's power features - but if you don't have time to create a slick, full-featured lesson, it's really nice to know that you can just take your slide deck, click Publish, and iSpring will give you a very useful deliverable to meet your business needs.

    I can't imagine being in my line of work without having iSpring as one of my most essential eLearning development tools.  It's an Instructional Designer's best friend!

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  • Susan Davis here. I've been involved with e-learning since 1999 when it was known as distance education. My specality is regulatory courses for the real estate industry.  My school, from 1999-2009 was AMERICAS BEST Real Estate Education. We were the third certified provider of courses and continued as the leader. We built a proprietary software platform to meet the needs of our students and secondary providers which included many colleges. My team provided ARELLO  Distance Education Certification | Programs ( certified courses in 34 states. I sold the school in 2009 and in the ensuing years I have offered my services as a Consultant, SME, and course developer to former competors and newly minted schools and instructors. I have been certified in 40 states as a real estate instructor.

    My quest was to find a platform similar to the one we had developed over the years. In 2015 I found iSpring and immediately signed on. I have encouraged many other school owners and instructors to move to iSpring.

    What I like - Customer support; Weekly webinars (Yea, Polina); Continuous updates; Love all the characters; Ease of use, Multiple tools for creativity. No complaints from students unless it's my goof.  iSpring makes me look good!

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    • Susan Davis  Susan is an awesome teacher --- I have had the good fortune of having Susan as a teacher in helping me be able to present a course to ARELLO that they would approve.  She also introduced me to ISpring and I am grateful for that, too.

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      • Susan Davis
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      Liz Loadholt  Thank you Liz. We have our own little admiration society. You are a quick learner and a joy to work with.  S

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  • Hi all, 

    I'm Hannah Vega and I am the Director of Infrastructure at Affiliated Physicians. We are a corporate health and occupational wellness company.  We are using ispring to train internal and external staff on competencies and procedures.

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  • Hi, Hannah

    I'm  Liz Loadholt, Training Director for AgentOwned Realty in SC and I use ISpring for my online continuing education courses for our REALTORS. I love their program.

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  • Greetings Everyone!

    Erik Pietras From GLCAP.

    I am our virtual tech . Just starting out on this platform. I have had experience with Litmos. Thus far Ispring is so much easier than Litmos.  I look fwd to learning as much as possible about your program. 

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  • Hi All, Steve Hipke here. I'm the Training Coordinator and Quality Systems Specialist for a Medical Device company in Sandpoint, ID. I've been using iSpring for just over a year now, taking our training program out of the dark-ages, paper-based excel spreadsheet days to online. I'm responsible for all the content creation and coordinating the instructor lead training. The iSpring add-on to power point has been a godsend in getting large volumes of training out to the masses in little to no time! the iLearn side of things is an excellent end user interface that my learners enjoy.

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  • Hi I'm Alan Nichols, Radiation Safety Officer at Manufacturing Sciences in Oak Ridge, TN.  We are in the process of updating our training program and iSpring appears to be a great tool to help out.  I’m brand new to iSpring and have been enjoying the advice from the forum.

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  • Dave Potter here, Training and OD Director for Triad Unlimited.  iSpring was my best friend during COVID lockdown. Without much CBT experience, I was able to transition from classroom based technical training and internal training deliveries to a completely online format over the course of a few months. I very much appreciate the continued innovation and improvement of the LMS, and the price point is perfect for my practice. Glad to see this forum, and look forward to learning a lot from everyone!

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  • I'm Nguyen Van Toi from Vietnam, working for Viettel Corporation in the corporate training force as a course designer role. I have read useful articles in iSpring's blogs.

    I know more and understand further concepts of corporate training through studying the articles so that I can apply somehow for building my products.

    I would like thank you so much and request being joined in the forum.

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  • Hello, my name is Adela Perez. I am a NOC technician at work and handle various types of requests.

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