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How to transition from teacher to instructional designer

Many teachers decide to transition to instructional designers. I’m sure some of you know how challenging this transition can be. The good thing is it doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are three tips that will make the entire transition process much easier:

  1. Find your place in instructional design. Would you like to work in a large company, or in a small community? What sphere excites you the most? Instructional design is a large field, and there certainly is a perfect place for you.

  2. Appreciate your former experience and skills. When you do something for a long time, you may forget that other people don’t do this too. You’ve been a teacher, meaning you already have almost all the skills and knowledge an instructional designer needs. Make sure to include this in your resume.

  3. Get to know your learners. Working as a teacher, you had young students: children, teenagers, maybe young adults. Now, your learners are adults who need a different approach. They have a different motivation, a different way to learn new information, etc. Julie Dirksen’s Design for How People Learn is exactly about this. Read it to come up with the most effective approaches to your learners.

Do you have any other pieces of advice to share? Maybe you’re one of those who transitioned from teacher to instructional designer? Feel free to share in the comments, or just send a raised hand emoji - let’s pay respect to our classroom training. 😉✋

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