New Features Based on Your Requests

Thank you for sharing product ideas! Our product development team reads all of them, analyzes, and implements them as soon as possible.

Here are the requested features we’ve introduced lately:

Tracking attendance of each day of the session with iSpring Learn

If you have a multi-day session and would like to track how many days each employee attended, now you can do this with our training platform. We’re always up for deeper and even more insightful reporting!

Here’s the feature request.

Functional supervisors in iSpring Learn

If you need to provide access to a supervisor dashboard to people who are not permanent supervisors, you can now assign them the role of a functional supervisor. No more need to look for workarounds – everything’s super easy.

Here’s the feature request.

Callout blocks in iSpring Page

Need to focus your learners’ attention on a particular text block in your longread? iSpring Page now lets you do this quickly: Create a Page, click on + and select Callout. Then choose the style, and voilà!

Here’s the feature request.

Upcoming: Automatic Time Zones in iSpring Learn

At the beginning of 2023, our training platform will learn to identify each user’s local time and display the time and date of events accordingly. So, no more confusion for learners – they will see the time that an event will actually take place in their region, and not just the one that was set, as was previously the case.

Here’s the feature request.

How satisfied are you with these new features? Are they what you needed, or does something need to be improved?🙂

Thanks again for your requests. You help us perfect our software and make it even more intuitive and useful for you! 

If you have ideas to suggest, feel free to submit them in the Product Ideas section.



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