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Notification when Webinar is rescheduled

The problem

Currently the information that participants receive in the email is limited (a mystery).

Asking them to go to the LMS just to see the new time is causing friction in the learning journey. We send an email just to ask learners to go to the LMS.


When going to the LMS and downloading the new Outlook ics file, the "Required" field is not automatically populated in Outlook. This happens when a participant enrolls in a course and downloads and opens the original invite in Outlook.

There might be a problem with creating the new Outlook ics.


The solution

When a live training is rescheduled, showcase already in the email the change. 

If it is a new time, mention: "The new time for the training is ..."

If it is a new location/meting link: "The new link to the training is ..."


In addition, please add the link to the new Outlook ics file in the rescheduled email. This way learners can quickly download and update the Outlook invitation.  



Community Call to Action

If you have encountered such shortcoming for your global learning organization and would like to have this feature implemented in iSpring Learn, please upvote this product idea.

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    We will forward your message to our Product Development Team as a feature request. We will make a note of it and consider adding it in future updates.

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