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I need a feature to prevent learners from "clicking" through an interaction. Our company employees will race though the program and then fail a course because important information was missed in the interaction (videos, audio, etc.) One employee cost our company over $300 because he would "click" through a third party program and failed eight times and passed on the ninth after a supervisor had a chat with him. Captivate has a 5-10 sec delay within an interaction, to prevent this. I feel that Interactions need the same features as the standard slide. I work with men and women in the trades, and, who don't want to waste time sitting at a computer. Its hard enough to It them to come into a classroom unless ordered, making it a crappy day for all involved.

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  • PS. Add an edit button to your forum, please. 

    • Hi Scott Sheehan ,

      Thank you for sharing your idea with us!

      As for your suggestion, all users can edit topics during 2 days after submitting it.

      Click on the icon Settings in the right corner of your post —> choose Edit in the drop-down menu. Now you can edit it.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hello!
    Thank you for sharing your idea with us!
    We will forward your message to our Product Development Team as a feature request. We will make a note of it and consider adding it in future updates.

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