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Quiz results to Server reported as failed

We're attempting to send quiz results to a server. We've enabled the feature in the quiz and are sending data to a PHP file. The PHP file seems to be executing successfully.  Data is writing to a log and database as it should be.  The quiz however reports that the server has failed and asks us to retry or cancel.  

Does the quiz expect a specific response from the server to know that it has completed as successful?  We didn't see anything in the documentation about a response to the server.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your question!

    On each user attempt, results include the quiz taker’s name or email, whether the quiz has been passed or not, as well as the completion score and detailed results if necessary.

    Quizzes generated with iSpring Quiz Maker send results using the HTTP POST method. Here you can see the table with all the POST variables that a quiz sends:

    If you need help with customization or modification of any scripts related to Quiz Maker data collection, we will be happy to provide you with our consulting services. Contact us at support for details.

    • Catherine Tate HI Catherine, none of that answers my question. We already have it working. We're already sending data to a server to be processes by a PHP file.  On our end, the PHP file works correctly and everything is being recorded as it should be.  On the quiz side, we're getting an error that reports our server side has failed (which is has not).  The question was, is the quiz expecting some type of response from the server?

    • Gene Bomgardner thank you for your reply! 

      To better understand the issue can you please email

      Please understand that this particular topic is quite complicated and related to the development of third-party systems. We need to have more information on this case.

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