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Ispring Learn - Departments - adding changes


Just a suggestion to developers as I was creating our departments/sub-dept hierarchy and structure being new.  I noticed that if you made changes to existing departments or sub depts, every time you saved a change, the change is made, but then the focus (I think it's called) goes back to a default of looking at depts at a high level and closes all the subfolders.  It should make the save and allow me to back out of the sub folder I'm in on my own, or at least keep the subfolders open.  So in this case, I wanted to make same change to all the depts/sub-depts.  I would open my sub dept folders down to the dept I wanted to make a change, and when I saved that change, it would bounce me all the way back to the top level and close all the subfolders.  Then I would have to reopen all the way back down every time to get to the next dept and make the change, back and forth.  Was annoying inconvenience.  

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