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Automatic timing for animations, not just slides

Scenario: Sometime I made ispring output without audio (and hence there is no need to sync manually animations with audio). In that case if one selects in PPT Slide Show/"Use timings"  animations start automatically, but they are grouped together, one after the other without  any possibility to distance automatically them of few seconds. 

Competition: In another app, similar to ispring, I found very helpful the feature to delay animations of a given amount of  seconds (default 5 secs.). That is much more helpful than to assign automatically an amount of time  to slides. In fact some slides could have dozens of animations and others very few animations - if any. It is obvious that the former slide should last longer than the latter. This other app does this result automatically, contrary to ispring.

Suggestion: I know that ispring manages animation timings based on PPT commands. But PPT does not have a way to set automatically for all animations a given time delay before starting. It would be nice to have this feature in ispring, instead to group all animations together in a very quick way as it is now (if you want the start of animations without manual intervention) . 

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    A work-around I found was to use a VBA PPT script to insert to all animations an additional 5secs delay.

    Then ispring accepts the delay too from one animation to the other, when there is no audio sync. 

    Once published in html5, I re-run a similar script subtracting the 5secs (previously added), so the PPT presentation returns as the original. 

    I think all this VBA code could be - quite easily - better implemented in ispring presenter itself.

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