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Force users to watch a full video


Is there a possibility to force users to watch the entire recording of a webinar (= video) while giving them the opportunity to navigate back in the video, but not forward? I mean, analogue to the "Forward only" navigation type used for PPT slides in the player?

Thanks for your comments, ideas, suggestions ...


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  • Hi Uwe,

    Thank you for contacting iSpring!

    I am afraid that there is no similar feature in iSpring tools. But it is a great idea and you can share it in our Product Ideas section:!

    For now, I can suggest that you separate a video into logical parts, add those parts to different slides, and choose "Forward Only" as a navigation type. 

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

  • Hi Polly,

    Thank you for your confirmation. At least I know that I did not fail to find the required option!

    For the time being, I will try to use the workaround you are suggesting.

  • If you set the embed the video in a powerpoint slide, and then set it up with a "finish" slide at the end, you can use the player features to prevent navigation before the entire video and sound are played through. We had this issue with screencasts because we can remote the navigation bar from the player but the screencast had its own navigation bar and people were bypassing it.

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      Dayna Bryant When you say, set up a finish slide at the end, do you mean part of the video iteself? Or after the video 'slide' (it's embedded) - then add a finish slide.  What does that do if they can skip the video? 

    • Kathleen We add a slide after the video slide and use the actions buttons to allow people to click on it to close out the presentation. We are using the player features to ensure that you cannot move forward to the next slide until the video and audio is used in its entirety. We have made screencasts into actually videos rather than just screencasts through the iSpring Plug In. This removes the ability for the video to be bypassed.

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