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quiz import questions excel - define layout

when importing questions in a quiz from excel, there is no attribute to define a layout or template to be used.

ideally , if you have to create a custom template to have a smaller font size, you have to go slide by slide after you have imported to modify the font size.

did i miss something ? is there a way to create a quizz, define a template with the correct layout, font size...    and when the questions are imported they use the specified template, layout, font size?

iquizzes have from 60 to 130 questions, thus it is not an option to do manual work

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  • Hello, Keith! 

    Thank you for your message. 

    Yes, you can create a template with the correct layout and font. To do this, you will need to: 

    1. Go to "Slide View" → change the font and layout (Screenshot_1 attached)
    2. Go to the "Design" tab → click "Themes" → click "Save current theme" (Screenshot_2)
    3. Give a name for your theme and click "Save theme" (Screenshot_3)

    When you create a new quiz, go to the "Design" tab and apply your custom theme to your quiz so that you do not have to manually add another font to each question.

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      • Keith
      • Keith.1
      • 10 mths ago
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      Kate Nicholson thank you for answer. yes missed it. it works 

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    • Keith You are most welcome! 

    • Kate Nicholson Hi Kate, I've tried using the instructions you provided, though only the font, font size, and layout design can be applied. As I need to include a reading passage, neither including an image file nor textbox can be saved in the theme. Additionally, the size of the layout reverts to the original. Is there a way to expedite this process, aside from having to adjust the question/answer choice box sizes and pasting all the passages manually?

      Thank you!

    • Toshiyuki , hi! 
      If I got it right, you want to save the position of the image and text when you create and save your theme in iSpring QuizMaker. I'm afraid that it's not possible to do this inside of your custom theme but I will definitely forward this as a feature request to our Product Development team. Also, you are more than welcome to share this feature request on our Products Ideas page, here is a link:

      As a workaround, you can choose one of the pre-made layouts. I hope that one of the layouts will work for your quiz. To apply the layout to all your questions in just a few clicks, you need to:

      1. Go to "Slide View" and select all of your questions first, you can do that by clicking "Shift" on your keyboard 
      2. Click "Layout" on the top toolbar under the "Home" tab and select the one that works for you. (Screenshot is attached). 

      Hope this helps! 

    • Kate Nicholson Dear Kate, thank you for your prompt response! You are right and I look forward to this function being added in the near future!

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