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"Responsible Service of Alcohol Training" by Antoinette Tebbutt

This Responsible Sale of Alcohol training was designed to give people working in Ireland’s licensed venues the skills and knowledge to ensure safe and responsible sale and serving of alcohol.

RSA training as well as other resources are designed to support the real needs of the service industry and should be relied on to assist and empower bartenders and servers with the difficult task of ensuring their customers are satisfied while still obeying the law when it comes to serving alcohol.

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  • Hi Antoinette Tebbutt ,

    Such a great course! So meaningful! Thanks a lot for participating and submitting it. 

    You are more than welcome to vote for this work and support Antoinette in the competition👍 Just press the Vote button in the top left corner. 

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  • Antoinette Tebbutt ,

    Feedback from Mike Taylor: “The title slide was impressive, but I suggested that adding some music and animation could help to enhance it further and create a better first impression.

    During my review, I noticed that there were several opportunities to improve the typography of the course, particularly the line and character spacing, and alignment. While I appreciated the effort to use alternative bullet list text slides, I found it difficult to follow and remember when items appeared and disappeared. I suggested that a downloadable or printable reference sheet with key takeaways could be useful for learners.

    Furthermore, while several graphics were included, some of them seemed more decorative than supportive of the learning points. I also noted that interactive elements were used, but I advised ensuring they were used for a good reason and not just because they could be.

    Overall, I found that the course was a decent start, but could be improved with some easy-to-make adjustments."

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